Building Permits

Why do l need a building permit?

The Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2006 legislate that specific building works must be the subject of a building permit prior to works commencing. Contrary to some opinions, it is not possible to retrospectively issue a building permit for works that have been completed without approval. The Act prescribes a penalty of $10,000 for any persons who undertake work without a permit and $50,000 to any company. 

When do l need a building permit? 

The Building regulations recognise that some building work is of a minor nature and that the protection's and advantages that a building permit can provide are not necessary or will not be achieved. in these cases, the Building Regulations may exempt property owners from having to obtain a building permit. 

As part of the Building regulations, building permit requirements are now based on the scope of work rather than the previous $5,000 threshold, implying that a building permit is required for most structures now. 
The following link provides an overview of some typical types of building projects and whether an exemption is available from the requirement for a building permit.

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